Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chapter 6 - EmperumAnAr Part 13

YatirAjar came to know that KUrathAzhvAr had left along with Periya Nambi donning his ascetic robes and armed with his tridandam and was worried for their welfare. According to the compulsions of NadAthUr AazhvAn, PiLLAn and MudaliAndAn, he wrapped a white dhoti over his saffron robes and unbeknownst to   the King's guards he headed up North. The King's men came to know about this and desired to follow them in order to prevent them from reaching their destination. YatirAjar's disciples warned him about the situation. However fast they tried to walk, it seemed that the King's men were catching up to them. YatirAjar asked his disciples to be brave and took a fistful of sand and uttered the following words:
"Kodumai seiyyum KUttramum en kOladi kurugap pera,
Tadavaraith thOL ChakrapANI SArnga VirchEvaganE".
He then scattered that sand behind him as they continued on their path. When the King's men stepped on that sand, they lost their senses and stood confounded, not knowing which way to go. They understood that it was all the work of the person whom they were attempting to follow and decided that their attempt would be futile. They turned back and YatirAjar continued his journey up North.

There were some hunters living in the NIlagiri valley along PAlaimalai. They were all disciples of NallAn Chakravarti. Once a SrI VaishNavar went past their dwelling in search of Udayavar. The hunters welcomed him warmly and asked him where he was coming from. He replied that he was from SrI Rangam. On hearing that, the hunters enquired about the welfare of Udayavar. The VaishNavaite could not contain his sorrow. He explained that owing to the doing of the ChOLA king, Udayavar had to don a white garb over his saffron robes and run and live in hiding. He explained that he was searching for him as his whereabouts were not known.

The hunters were distraught on hearing this. They did not eat or drink on hearing this news. Thus, six days passed when it started raining. They lit lamps in their houses and were huddled around the fire. RAmAnujar chanced to come there with his disciples. One of them enquired whether there was any path to proceed further. On hearing a Bhrahmin's voice, they invited the party in and asked them where they were coming from and if they knew if RAmAnujar was doing alright. The disciple asked them how they knew about Udayavar to which they explained that they were followers of NallAn Chakravarti who told them in his HitOpadEsam to them that they should all connect with RAmAnujar as their spiritual guide. The disciple was overjoyed on hearing this and revealed RAmAnujar to him. They then broke their fast and served delicious food and welcomed their Guru. The next morning, RAmAnujar send word for SrI Rangam to find out what had happened since he had left.