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Chapter 2 - Sri PundarIkAkshar (Uyya KondAr)

Chaitra mAsE KriththikAyAm Shri ShvEtAdri samudbhavam
Gurum ShrI PundarIkAksham JayathsEnAmsam AshrayE

ShrI PundarIkAkshar was born in the divya dEsam of TiruveLLArai in the kaliyuga year 3987 in the month of chitra under the KriththikA star. He was the prime disciple of ShrI NAdamuni amongst 7 others: Kurugai KAvalappan, NambikarunAkara DAsar, Eru TiruvudaiyAr, ThirukkanamangaiyAndAn, VAnamAdEviyAndAn, UruppattUr AchAnpillai and SOgathUrAzhvAn. These 8 disciples were imparted the knowledge of mantras, their meaning and also the divya prabandam and its importance.

Tiruvudai mannan was the king in that period and he once came along with his consorts on hearing about the greatness of SrImAn NAdamunigal to visit him and get his bessings. Upon seeing him, NAdamunigal got carried away and stated that seeing the King was like seeing TirumAl himself. He imagined the king to be Lord Vishnu and his consorts to be GOpikAs and followed them for a distance. On seeing this, one of the SishyAs Kurugai KAvalappan retorted that it was BhAgavathas and jIvAtmAs who do Bhagavat kaingaryam who had to be elevated to such a status and that it was not right to go behind the King as such. NAdamunigal graciously accepted the fact and came back to where he left off.

On another occasion, VangIpuraththAchchi, sent notice that he wished to see his daughter AravindappAvai. NAdamunigal trusted the pure-of-heart PundarIkAkshar with the task of accompanying his wife to her father's place. When he reached Achchi's place, he was asked to eat before he embarked on his return journey. PundarIkAkshar agreed. Some malicious pope who were present there, suggested that PundarikAkshar should not be fed inside the house, neither should they be forced to eat the remains of what he had eaten, so he should be served day old rice  that was customarily stored in water so it wouldn't get spoilt. And that was what was done. Still, PundarIkAkshar enjoyed the food and ate it with great praise, outside the house. He whole heartedly commented that he was very lucky to be receiving such a treatment. When he went back home, NAdamuni sensed his happiness and was able to perceive the entire chain of events as they had occurred through his powers.

PundarIkAkshar revealed that he was very happy and fortunate to have eaten the reamins of the food eaten by great BhAgavathAs. On hearing this, NAdamunigal gave him the title of "Uyya KondAr" meaning one who was one with him completely. Some other disciples questioned that it was considered against the practice to eat day old food. NAdamuni replied "Flowers that have not been strung, old food that has not had oil added to it, water that is not stored in the ground but in a vessel - all these have a dhOsham of being old. This question is only asked by those who do not realize these dharmAs. Pundits and orthodox people don't commit such mistakes in their house; so it was okay for Uyya KondAr to consume that food".

On hearing this, VangIpuraththAchi felt very bad at his actions. He went and asked NAdamuni and Uyya KondAr for apologies. He brought AravindappAvai back to NAdamuni.

DharmENa Brahma vitpAti dashapUrvAn dashAvarAn
KanyA BrahmavidE DattA dashapUrvAn dashAvarAn

If there is a person in a kulam  who knows the VEdAs, all his actions make up for the sins of 10 generations before and after him. Similarly, when one marries a girl off to such a knowledgeable person, she wipes off the sins of generations of her father's family - this is what the shAstram says. So narrated Aachchi to NAdamuni.

NAdamuni trained Kurugai Kavalan in YOga Rahasyam and Uyya KondAr was entrusted with the responsibility of imparting the VEdAnta Grahams to the rest of the disciples.

According to AchAryan's wishes, Uyya KondAn shared his knowledge with ManakkAl Nambi, TiruvellikkEni PAn PerumAlarayAr, SEtlUr SendalangAra DAsar, PundarIga DAsar, Ulaga PerumAn and Nangai.

NamasyAmi AravindAksham NAthaBhAvE VyavasThitam
Shuddhasatvamayam shOwrEhe AvatAramivAparam

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